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Key drivers influencing the growth of this market include rising R&D spending by biotechnology businesses, expanding molecular biology applications, technical developments in the field of biotechnology, and rising demand for synthetic biology. Utilization of biotechnology reagents and kits during the past several years has increased due to recent developments in the field of molecular biology. Since the introduction of the first ground-breaking DNA sequencing method, the area of genomic sequencing has also seen a number of technical developments. The measurement range, or the range of concentrations within which the assay is accurate and exact, is one of Reagents & Kits' top performance traits. Then is the sensitivity: lowest level that can be detected and then stability: the capacity of an in-vitro diagnostic reagent to maintain throughout its shelf life its features and function within limitations set by the manufacturer when stored under defined circumstances

Abeomics provides a large selection of kits and reagents, including Luciferase reporter assay kits, Inhibitor Screening Kits, ELISA Kits, Molecular Biology Kits, Cell dissociation solutions and many others, to help researchers and scientists carry out their investigations effectively.