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sdMAB ™ (Single Domain Monoclonal Antibody)

Single Domain Monoclonal Antibody
A single domain monoclonal antibody (sdMAB) or nanobody® is a type of antibody derived from camelids, such as camels, llamas or Alpacas (VHH) and Shark (VNAR). Unlike conventional antibodies, which are composed of two heavy chains and two light chains, sdMABs or nanobodies® consist of a single, fully functional antibody domain. This single domain contains both the antigen-binding site and the effector functions necessary for immune response. They have gained significant importance in various fields of research and technology due to their distinctive structure, functional properties, and advantages over conventional antibodies.
Why SdMABs ™
Small Size and Simple Structure: Unlike conventional antibodies the compact size and simple structure of SdMABs allows for better tissue penetration and access to hidden epitopes that makes these nanobodies® useful for therapeutic applications, where reaching specific targets is crucial.
Stability: SdMABs are highly stable and resistant to denaturation, making these nanobodies® suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and pH variations.
Production and scalability: SdMABs can be produced in large quantities using microbial expression systems in a relatively simple and cost-effective manner, allowing for scalability of these nanobodies®.
Specificity and affinity: SdMABs exhibit high specificity and affinity towards their targets that enhances the efficacy and accuracy of these nanobodies® in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
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