PE Conjugated Anti-Human CD226 Mab(Clone:11A8)

Product code: 30-2925PE

Clone name : 11A8
Clonality : Monoclonal
Application : FACS
Reactivity : Human, Non-Human Primates
Conjugate : PE

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100 Tests

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Amount : 100 Tests
Isotype : Mouse IgG1 kappa
Purification : Purified antibody is conjugated with R-phycoerythrin (PE) under optimum conditions. Unconjugated antibody and free fluorochrome are removed by size-exclusion chromatography.
Content : Formulation: Stabilizing phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4, 15 mM sodium azide
Storage condition : Store at 2-8°C. Protect from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.
Gene : CD226
Gene ID : 10666
Uniprot ID : Q15762
Alternative Name : DNAM1, PTA1, TLiSA1

CD226 is a type I transmembrane glycoprotein, which is expressed after activation on NK cells, platelets, monocytes, and some T cells. Its expression is increased in patients suffering from some autoimmune diseases or viral infections. CD226 is being phosphorylated on its cytoplasmic tail and interacts with LFA-1 complex (CD11a/CD18), resulting in calcium-independent intercellular contacts. Ligands for CD226 are CD155 and CD112.

Flow cytometry: The reagent is designed for analysis of human blood cells using 20 μl reagent / 100 μl of whole blood or 106 cells in a suspension. The content of a vial (2 ml) is sufficient for 100 tests.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic/therapeutics procedures.

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