Anti-Arginase-1 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone:IHC400)-Ready to Use(Discontinued)

Product code: 44-1005

Clone name : IHC400
Clonality : Monoclonal
Application : IHC
Reactivity : Human

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Amount : 7 ml
Isotype : Mouse IgG2b
Purification : Protein A/G Chromatography
Content : Tris Buffer, pH 7.3 - 7.7, with 1% BSA and <0.1% Sodium Azide
Storage condition : Store at 2°C - 8°C. Do not freeze.
Gene : ARG1
Gene ID : 383
Uniprot ID : P05089
Alternative Name : ARG1
Immunogen Information : Recombinant Human Arginase-1

"Arginase-1, encoded by the ARG1 gene, is a cytosolic metalloenzyme expressed predominantly in hepatocytes which plays a key role in the urea cycle by catalyzing the hydrolysis of arginine to ornithine and urea. Argininemia is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder characterized by a buildup of arginine and ammonia in the blood. Anti-Arginase-1 is highly specific for hepatocytes, and is therefore a sensitive and specific marker of benign and malignant hepatic tumors."

This product is available in ready to use format, hence no dilution is required.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic/therapeutics procedures.

Subcellular location: Cytoplasm, Cytoplasmic granule
Tissue Specificity: Within the immune system initially reported to be selectively expressed in granulocytes (polymorphonuclear leukocytes [PMNs]) (PubMed:15546957). Also detected in macrophages mycobacterial granulomas (PubMed:23749634). Expressed in group2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) during lung disease (PubMed:27043409).
BioGrid: 106878. 34 interactions.
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