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Amount : 100 µg
Purification : Greater than 95.0% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Content : The protein was filtered (0.2µm) and lyophilized from a concentrated solution containing PBS, pH 7.0.
It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized Human WAP Four-Disulfide Core Domain 2 in sterile 18M Omega -cm H2O not less than 100 µg/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.
Storage condition : Lyophilized WAP Four-Disulfide Core Domain 2 Human Recombinant although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored desiccated below -18°C. Upon reconstitution WFDC2 should be stored at 4°C between 2-7 days and for future use below -18°C.For long term storage it is recommended to add a carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA).Please prevent freeze-thaw cycles.
Alternative Name : WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 2, Epididymal secretory protein E4, Major epididymis-specific protein E4, Putative protease inhibitor WAP5, WFDC2, HE4, WAP5, EDDM4, dJ461P17.6.

Source: Escherichia Coli.
Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder.
WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 2 (WFDC2) is a protease inhibitor, which belongs to the WFDC domain family. WFDC2 is effective with a broad range of proteases, e.g. aspartic, serine or thiol proteases. WFDC2 is expressed in several normal tissues, including the male reproductive system, regions of the respiratory tract and nasopharynx. WFDC2 may be involved in sperm maturation. WFDC2 is also highly expressed in a number of tumors cells lines, such ovarian, colon, breast, lung and renal cells lines.
WAP Four-Disulfide Core Domain 2 Human Recombinant produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 94 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 10.0 kDa (although migrates with an apparent molecular mass of 16.9 kDa in SDS-PAGE). The WFDC2 is purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.

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