Anti-Human IL-6 (Sarilumab) – Fc Muted™

Product code: 12-8090

Clone name : Hu137
Clonality : Monoclonal
Reactivity : Human

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100 µg
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Amount : 100 µg
Isotype : Human IgG1k
Purification : >=95% monomer by analytical SEC
Content : Concentration : >= 5.0 mg/ml
This biosimilar antibody is aseptically packaged and formulated in 0.01 M phosphate buffered saline (150 mM NaCl) PBS pH 7.2 - 7.4 with no carrier protein, potassium, calcium or preservatives added.
Storage condition : Functional grade biosimilar antibodies may be stored sterile as received at 2-8°C for up to one month. For longer term storage, aseptically aliquot in working volumes without diluting and store at -80°C. Avoid Repeated Freeze Thaw Cycles.
Alternative Name : Interleukin-6, CDF; HGF; HSF; BSF2; BSF-2; IFNB2; IFN-beta-2

Expression Host : HEK-293
Pathogen Testing : To protect mouse colonies from infection by pathogens and to assure that experimental preclinical data is not affected by such pathogens, all of this recombinant biosimilar antibodies are tested and guaranteed to be negative for all pathogens in the IDEXX IMPACT I Mouse Profile.
This non-therapeutic antibody uses the same variable region sequence as the therapeutic antibody Sarilumab. Sarilumab binds to the transmembrane and soluble forms of the IL-6 receptor. This product is for research use only.
IL-6 and its signaling pathway play a part in immune response regulation, inflammation, and hematopoiesis.2 Sarilumab is a research-grade recombinant human monoclonal IL-6 receptor antagonist. It specifically binds to both the transmembrane and soluble forms of the IL-6 receptor, thus inhibiting IL-6–mediated cis and trans-signaling in a dose-dependent manner.1 Therapeutic Sarilumab, also known by the trade name Kevzara, is currently used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis1, however, as of March 2020, The Feinstein Institute of Northwell Health publicized a study on "a human antibody that may prevent the activity" of IL-6 for the treatment of COVID-19.3 Anti-Human IL-6 (Sarilumab) utilizes the same variable regions from the therapeutic antibody Sarilumab making it ideal for research projects.

Endotoxin : <= 1.0 EU/mg as determined by the LAL method
The suggested concentration for Alemtuzumab biosimilar antibody for staining cells in flow cytometry is <= 0.25 µg per 106 cells in a volume of 100 µl. Titration of the reagent is recommended for optimal performance for each application.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic/therapeutics procedures.

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